2016 National League Season Preview

Some teams have already played three games, but here at Stats Are Beautiful, timely articles are merely a suggestion. So without getting too much further into the season, here’s the division-by-division breakdown and predictions for the major awards. East – Mets I picked the Nationals to win the division last week on my radio show, but […]

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Gauging Zack Greinke

In December the Arizona Diamondbacks landed arguably the biggest name on the free agent market, stealing him away from the division rival Dodgers. Zack Greinke led the majors in ERA in 2015 with an historic 1.66 mark. It was the 8th-lowest ERA since the end of the Deadball Era, and his 0.84 WHIP was 3rd-lowest in that […]

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How the Crown Was Won

The Kansas City Royals just won the World Series with one of the most expertly-crafted teams in recent memory, but they did so by straying from the popular trends in baseball. It’s common to hear that pitching wins championships. Almost every World Series champion has had an ‘ace’ pitcher they could fall back on when they needed a win. […]

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The Real 2015 MLB AL All-Star Team

The 2015 All-Star Rosters have been announced, and please, enough with the Royals. I get it, the team has the second-largest division lead in baseball and the fan base is excited to finally root for winners. But three of the four Royals who’ve been voted to start in this year’s Midsummer Classic simply aren’t deserving. Sure, Alex […]

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All-Time MLB Draft – Round 2

The second round of the all-time draft is in the books now. This round saw five players return to their former real-life teams, and plenty of recently retired players came off the board as well. A quick refresher on the stats: AVG+, OBP+, and ISO+ are how many points above and below league average each of […]

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